Working With America’s Heroes

   One of my greatest passions associated with my work is being able to help a military client to find the perfect home.  There is nothing more satisfying  or more enjoyable that working with America’s heroes.

Being a  military spouse for almost 20 years now,  I have a great understanding of the military lifestyle. How does this benefit the military buyer?

More times than not, when a soldier is looking for a home because their move is a result of a PCS move, they  want and need to buy quickly. They rely heavily on the agent/realtor that they are working with to help them make a smart and informed decision. There are certain things that need to be taken into account when working with the military.

-You can get orders down the road to PCS at anytime and because of this it is especially important to make a wise choice and smart investment. We can not control changing market conditions. but there are things that can be taken into consideration .

Things to think about and question:

1. What might hamper a quick resale down the road?
    –  location?
    -dated or unusual floor plan
    -area with depreciating or appreciating values?

It is important that the agent be up front as possible with the clients on all these points, so that 3 years down the road (when it is time to sell)  there will be no surprises or disappointments.

Many times orders do not get cut until last minute, and with the government, things can change on a dime. This can be very stressful and frustrating for the client. It is so important for the agent to be understanding  because they need to keep all parties involved calm and grounded. 

With all that soldiers and their families sacrifice, it makes me happy to be able to relieve them some of the frustrations and stress associated with a move. Helping them find the perfect home is both an honor and a privilege.

To all the military and their families out there, thank you!!

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